Georgia Stone Crab Claws

Georgia Stone Crab Claws

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When catching stone crabs, crabbers usually remove only one claw, leaving the crab with one claw to defend and feed themselves.  The stone crabs are then  returned back to the water, where they will regenerate a new claw.

Stone crabs are found along the Atlantic coastline, from Connecticut to South America. While Georgia stone crabs are generally smaller than Florida stone crabs, you'll find the claw meat to be sweeter and more succulent, the flavor a cross between blue crab and Maine lobster.

Our Georgia stone crab claws are locally caught in the waters surrounding Savannah by local crabbers. The claws are precooked, and can be enjoyed warm or chilled.  We recommend serving with remoulade sauce. 

This LoCo To Go package includes:

  • Two pounds of stone crab claws (approximately 15 claws, depending on weight & size)
  • Super sweet corn cobbette
  • Captain Jack's secret spice
  • Detailed cooking and serving suggestions
  • Crab shellers

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