Georgia Blue Crabs

Georgia Blue Crabs

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Blue crabs are scientifically referred to as callinectes sapidus, or "savory beautiful swimmer." Known as the blue crab, Atlantic blue crab, or the Chesapeake blue crab, these crabs are found along the Atlantic coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.  

Our Georgia blue crabs are locally caught, straight from the waters surrounding Savannah. We choose to offer only male blue crabs, to support the sustainability of the local blue crab population.  Georgia blue crabs are regarded as some of the most delectable crab meat available.  The claw and leg meat have a more intense flavor than the large body pieces. Blue crab meat is preferred when making crab stew and deviled crabs.

Our locally caught #1 Georgia blue crab males are among the sweetest and most tender you will ever taste.  All crabs will measure between 5 1/2" and 6 1/2".  Our blue crabs are precooked with Captain Jack's Secret Spice and cooled, and should be heated and consumed within 48 hours of when you receive them to ensure quality and taste.

This LoCo To Go package includes:

  • (24) #1 males (approximately 5.5"-6.5" tip to tip)
  • Captain Jack's secret spice
  • Detailed cooking instructions
  • Crab shellers

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