Georgia Stone Crab Claws- They're back!

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We know you are anxious for the Georgia blue crabs to arrive, but have you experienced the sweet, flavorful meat extracted from a Georgia stone crab claw?  

While Georgia stone crabs are generally smaller than Florida stone crabs, you'll find the claw meat to be sweeter and more succulent, the flavor a cross between blue crab and Maine lobster.

When catching stone crabs, crabbers usually remove only one claw, leaving the crab with one claw to defend and feed themselves.  The stone crabs are then  returned back to the water, where they will regenerate a new claw.

Our Georgia stone crab claws are locally caught in the waters surrounding Savannah by local crabbers. The claws are precooked, and can be enjoyed warm or chilled.  We recommend serving with remoulade sauce.

Georgia blue crabs are coming soon- we promise!  We have been checking with our local crabbers weekly, to see the size of the blue crabs they are catching. We prefer  #1 blue males, and although it is technically blue crab season, this early in the season they are not always the size and weight that we like to offer our customers. By early June the blue crabs are reliably big and meaty, and even the "medium" sized crabs have a good weight to them and our packed with that sweet, briny meat.  You'll see another post all about the blue crabs as soon as we have them!


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